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6 Free WordPress Themes For Effective Content Marketing 2019

May it is for business or for personal blogging, one of the most popular CMS that has created a buzz in the online industry is WordPress. When it comes to online marketing where various concepts are involved. Let’s take the example of a social media blogger or a fashion blogger. It is not just the content that they have to work on, there are several other factors and elements that require for a successful blogging performance.

It is the way of your working, the type of content and related pictures your post and above all, it is how your website looks overall. If you are a beginner in the sector, you will be enlightened with different free website themes for WordPress. All you need to know that for taking up a theme, it should be responsive. As most of the people, these days are switching to their smartphones and that has increased the popularity of the businesses opting for a responsive website.


Author website template

  • It is surely a responsive based theme in WordPress. Developed with the support of Bootstrap 3, it is one of the best free WP themes that comes with an optional slider which is full-screen.
  • When you are in the process to build your own portfolio, this themes serves for you the best. The colour of the author wordpress theme is minty green which is neat and clean and serves as the best purpose for personal branding.
  • Beginners, startups, entrepreneurs as well as bloggers or social influencers are going to gain huge benefit with this theme. There is a presentation of the full-screen slider, presentations as well as keynote speeches.
  • It is one of those modern themes that will help to boost up your online traffic and reputation. There is the implementation of plugins, custom widget designs, All in one SEO pack, contact page or form and so much more.



  • It is one of those free themes for WordPress that comes with a professional design absolutely intricately designed. This theme has the incorporation of modern functioning.
  • This will provide you with the benefit to formulate the structure of the sections of your homepage. There are certain specifications of the theme that makes it look incredibly professional and business-like.
  • Politician wordpress theme can be formed on any subject on a virtual statue. Whether you are a blogger, social media influencer, review giver or any startup business alike, this theme can also be used as a personal blog.
  • If you have accounts or videos on online portals, you can easily tag through this theme and ask for the people to follow through your ideas and new content generation.


Travel Blog

travel blogger website template


  • Another of the best free WordPress themes is Travel Blog. It is that WP theme that presents your with premium functioning. That means you are entitled to a change in the layout of the theme.
  • It is a responsive theme which is completely modern. Regardless of the purpose, personal or business-like, it is relatable to all. If you are opting for content marketing, this theme showcases a value to your content.
  • It will not only beautify your site but also add a unique feel and touch to garner the attention of the readers.
  • The designing of the travel blog wordpress theme is picture perfect. You will be able to turn off the featured slider with just a click. Alteration of layout and use of background images are available as per the requirements of your branding.



copywriter website template

  • Copywriter is another of the Free WordPress themes which are incorporated with CSS3 and HTML5. You will be able to simplify the layout. Opt for the theme for professional outlook.
  • It has a stylish and modernistic design that has a flexible theme. You will be able to input your contents as well as enhance the outlook of your website with relatable pictures that will provide a beautiful visual experience to the viewers.
  • For business work, Copywriter wordpress theme is considered to be the best option. There is a different section for each category which can be found in the admin panel. Depending upon the objective of the business, you can easily opt for the branding of your business through the implementation of the logo.
  • This theme is SEO friendly and helps in the boosting of your contents and web pages. There are options for the addition of custom backgrounds, fonts and icon.


Personal Trainer

personal trainer website template

  • One of the WordPress themes that have acquired 4-star rating is Personal Trainer. Constructed with the Bootstrap framework, the theme is mobile responsive.
  • It has a neat, clean and minimalistic design which enhance the simplicity of the website. The incorporation of the extra white spaces will bring out a different virtual aspect to the content.
  • It has a nifty slider which makes Personal Trainer wordpress theme more special. In the options for the theme panel, there are added benefits. You will be able to select theme colour, font attributes as well as links.



news website template

  • Being a mobile responsive theme, News is a plug and play free WP theme. It has a layout that is grid based. Content developers will acquire huge benefits from this theme.
  • This is so because the features of it have the positions where the content that you have created will be able to go reach places. Also, it will b viral on the basis of a well-designed structure through share buttons.
  • The layout design is optimized. This is done to keep the readers engaged and help them to delve into your website more. It also has custom widgets, HTML elements as well as a display of texts.
  • Not only this, News wordpress theme support video, the embedded ones and is browser compatible. If you want to showcase video on your website, this is one of the best free WordPress themes to opt for.


Final Words

Coming to 2018, there are several lite versions of the free theme introduced in WordPress. No doubt, premium provides you with the concept and the flair like no other. But on the other hand, free themes are no less. May it is the lite versions or the newly launched free ones, every theme has their own speciality. The selection of the theme can be easily done and is mainly based on the genre of your content development. It is better to delve into the themes thoroughly and know their features. Though, still, you have no losses to be made.


Feature Image Source: Business photo created by tirachardz – www.freepik.com

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