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7 Valid Reasons For The Development Of A Blog On WordPress Web Hosting

As per the recent data found on ManageWP, nearly 75 million blogs and websites are carried forward or initiated over WordPress. In the recent developing years, WP has been gaining a huge amount of popularity in terms of online presence and development of a smooth running website. The increasing number and percentage hold for special value and different benedictions carried out by the users.

The different stages of benefits that have catered to the needs of the online presence of the businesses as well as the bloggers have been due to –

  1. Fast Loading time of the website
  2. Options for them to implement customized plugins
  3. Updates are carried on a regular basis
  4. Tight Security without any loopholes
  5. And there are many ongoing reasons as to why Wp has been the most downloaded among the themes for nearly 48 millions of time.

Coming to set up your blog, opting for WordPress web hosting is one of the delightful ideas that you can easily adapt to. There are ample of stated reasons as to why you should conduct the same.

WordPress Plugins

  • One of the best features of being a part of WordPress is its Plugins. WP tends to present you with the inexplicable plugins. The presence of which is not only enhancing the total functioning of your blog but also gain for a whole new experience of the users visiting on your blog.
  • The entire journey of the blogging experience tends to become flexible, neat and smooth. You will not have to face any other sort of peripheral problems.
  • There is a numerous number of plugins which you can opt for in terms of customization for your blog. Stick on to the ones that cater to your needs. The only thing that you need to perform is to select the right one among the lot. Continue by downloading the one you select and head moving on.
  • If you do have an active blog on WordPress at the same time you are heading forward for a section of e-commerce, just head-on with the option of e-commerce plugin. And you are good to go.

Similarity For Search Engines

  • Once you have commenced with your blog, the next step is to garner traffic to your site. The main important thing to garner the same is the generation of huge traffic at the same time, higher ranking on top search engine pages.
  • This is where you will be much relieved by the options provided by WordPress hosting for Web. Almost all the specifications of WordPress are SEO friendly. Wondering what you get? There are settings for permanent links, plugins for SEO and all the formats are smooth, neat and clean. These all are the mandatory factor for making your website visible on the top pages of search engines.
  • Through all the above processes, your website gets the assurance to meet the needs of the search engines and take your website to a new level.

Ownership for Blog Server

  • There are free platforms for blogging where they allow you to host your blog. In that case, the structure of it might be mainly out of space when it comes to the server location. On the other hand, Wp web hosting lets you acquire your own space on the site for your blog. This lets you get your own freedom when it comes to hosting your blog.
  • From the above, you might have concluded that WordPress is a platform that is self-hosted. That means you are entitled to store your documents or other relatable files on the blog itself. All you need to acquire is the perfect domain name and hosting, which can easily be found on online platforms.
  • Where mostly you will have the name of the platform where you opted for, WordPress lets you gain your own blog name with the facilitated url.

Updates on WordPress

  • WordPress is an incredible option for online blogging. And there are many more relation options to it as well. Combination of the above two factors lets you understand that WP has been gaining continuous support and reviews from different genres.
  • For this, the developers of WordPress are making this constant move for the improvement of the working process, the designing structure as well as the functionalities. And that what paves way for updates.
  • The regular updates on WP will make sure that the platform where you are using everything for your online presence doesn’t support any glitch and also enhances the entire working of your site with more functionalities.

Loading Speed

  • Another most important factor that makes a blog gain popularity is the speed of its loading of the user’s device. Users do not tend to wait more than few seconds when it comes to the opening of a site.
  • If you fail to acquire so, you are losing most of the traffic in the first place itself. WordPress lets you fetch the assurance of loading your blog quickly. WordPress will let you fetch and make sure that your website gets opened within 2 seconds without any buzz or download glitch.

Community of WordPress

  • Among all the advantages that you get to garner, it is the community of WordPress that has been making it more popular. Nearly 28 per cent of all the website working globally are running with the source of using WP as the online platform.
  • WP hires the talented and active members of developers as well as QA engineers. With such a talent working as a team, the experts are always making their constant move on making WP the best from all sides without any hassles.
  • If you are facing any technical fault or other related queries of WP, you are free to contact the support centre and garner the best knowledge and service from the certified experts.


  • Another of the advantage of WP web hosting is that you are entitled to earn from your blog. The moment you have started to garner more traffic to your site, you can take the leap of getting in touch with the advertising community to earn from your blog and its contents.
  • While you are entitled to collaborate with networks for ads, it is important for you to mention the various forms of the networks that should not be allowed in. There have been networks for Google Adsense as well as Propeller Ads that have commented with their own plugins, especially for WP blogs.

Final Words

There are so many ample amounts of reasons for you to host your blog on WordPress. It has been an incredible experience and if you are an aspiring blogger trying to garner the same fame, the first step to your success story is through WordPress.

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