Amazing WordPress theme for the Fashion blog, Magazine, eCommerce and Photography

There are numerous fashion blogs that aim to create an intimidating style to attract a reader. No wonder that people will always look up to the fashion or photography blog for the perfect fashion statement. Imagine a fashion blog written in a dull theme. You would immediately leave the page without giving it a second thought.

Something that is appealing should be able to attract customers. Therefore, you will have to make sure that you choose a perfect customize WordPress theme to woo your readers. WordPress is the hub of themes that are specially designed to get a unique and multi-platform website or blog page. Even if you are planning to get an eCommerce website you can rely on us and get the best website in the area. Well, here are few WordPress themes that can be worth mentioning:


It is a beautiful and stylish theme that fits your fashion statement. It is visually stunning and has a flexible and impressive coding structure and that what makes it one of the most popular theme of all times.

The Gem

This theme is colourful and stylish which appeals to the readers. It is elegant and modern and is one of the major WordPress themes in the recent times. Developers from every corner of the world are falling for this theme mainly because of the lightweight coding structure and for the attractive look that promisingly attracts visitors to the website. It also has a remarkably less loading speed.


Jevelin is a sharp, creative, pliable and responsive WordPress theme. It has an intuitive toolkit that simplifies the website building process. You can craft the website just the way you want and make sure that you get the quality result with very less effort.


This theme has been made keeping the blog posting in mind. It is easy to use and is highly intuitive. It is ready to use, multipurpose WordPress theme. You can do wonders with this. You can either make it a stylish website or a vintage classy one. Transform the appearance of your website with very simple coding and maximum result.


This theme is very attractive and has a clean layout. It is WordPress 4+ ready and is build in Bootstrap 3. With a fully responsive feature, your website will look stunning and attractive when you are creating a website using this theme. All the icons and images in this theme are retina ready and will look stunning on HiDPi display.

The Hanger

As the name suggests you can pick up this theme for the eCommerce website. Instead of starting from the ground level, you can simply pick up this theme and make the most of the WordPress themes. This WooCommerce compatible theme is the best one for the eCommerce website. You can make the most with the help of this theme especially when you are planning to set up an online shopping platform to grab more customers.


This is also an attractive polished, responsive theme. This is an industry giant that doesn’t have any coding whatsoever. Therefore, people with very less experience have fallen prey to this theme. You get 15 elegant demos and 9 beautiful product pages to display your products. If you are planning to get the best eCommerce website use this theme to win over millions of hearts.

Newsmag PRO

This is an exclusive magazine theme that can be helpful in getting the best quality deals in the area. There are certain factors affecting the choice of the best e-magazine website. It is pretty impressive in terms of the lightweight coding features and trouble-free design that allows you to design your website just the way you want.


This theme is beautiful, bold, stylish, elegant and seamless. In fact, you can easily customize the website using this theme. It is primarily a blog website theme. It has become the bloggers favourite over time and this is mainly because this has been crafted with single priority in mind. Therefore, your content will be flourishing and reach the target audience when you are using this theme.


You can opt for this theme if you are looking for the best design for your website. This is a multipurpose theme that can be worth looking for. It is deeply attractive for the type of sleek design it has and also makes sure that you get the best quality website with very less coding. In fact, due to extreme light coding, this theme takes much lesser time to load thereby grabbing more of your customers.


This is a highly responsive theme that has won millions of hearts. In 2017, this theme ruled the hearts of designers when it came to creating an outstanding magazine website. This theme fulfils the category of magazine, newspaper, and publishing house. You can use this theme or get the demo or even buy it from the CGS themes.

To conclude, we can say that these twelve responsive themes have been dwelling the hearts of designers and developers. Even popular business people have been checking these theme for the minimum coding, lightweight and appealing appearance of the themes. You can either try free demos or buy them, to experience the world of new possibilities.


CGS Themes

CGS Themes

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