8 Mobile Friendly WordPress Themes for Creating Wonders

If you own a restaurant or a bookstore, it is time to have an online store where you can reach your audience easier and faster. You need a top-notch site that can be reached by maximum people so that you get better leads and conversions. A physical store is important but in the world where people are getting prone to the digital world, it is important to brush your competitors aside with an appealing website.

Now that there are many variations in the website as well you need to be aware of which one will be the best for you. 80% of the world’s population uses a smartphone and reaches out the world with the help of it. Therefore, you need to choose a good mobile-friendly WordPress theme that can be fruitful and can be the best for your service.

Wordpress is a CMS platform that has won millions of audiences with its free and responsive themes, effective plugin and scalability. When you are building a website, you will definitely want the world to know about it. Therefore, you will be looking for a CMS platform that will be best to build a website on and can be the best for your business. WordPress themes are no wonder the best. They are categorically segregated and help its user to set a website very easily.

We will discuss a few of the themes that will best for your restaurant website:



This is a highly customizable theme. When the themes are customizable you get the opportunity to set up your own website based on your business requirements. Using custom-designed shortcodes you will be able to construct the menu page with sections, prices and product titles. You will be able to set up a fully functional online cart where your customers will be able to add the food in bulk and buy them from you. You will not have to take the extra pressure of setting up an HTML/CSS website and keeping developers with a high paid salary for minor changes. WordPress helps you create pages and categorically set the menu as per your discretion.



This is a responsive WordPress blog theme, where you can easily customize your website and also write blogs on foods. People who love to eat also loves to eat about what’s new cooking in the kitchen. Therefore, this theme will be the best when you are planning to attract your customers. This theme has gained much popularity since its inception.



This theme is named after one of the favorite spice of all. This theme is exclusive for restaurants and coffee shop. You will easily be able to attract visitors with the help of theme. This theme is responsive and customizable.
Therefore, with the Cinnamon, you can explore what your visitors are looking and display what you have in store for them.



Creating the right ambiance for your visitor is what you can do with this theme. Experts suggest that your visitors should be able to tell about your product at the first glance of the website. This theme has easy-to-use menu managers that can help in displaying the food available at your restaurant. Always remember that when you are building a website for your restaurant, you should pay proper attention to the menu because that is what your visitors will be first looking for.



The first impression matters a lot and this theme will allow you to get that. This is reportedly the most flexible theme. The flexibility of design, essential functionalities via the plugins is indeed commendable. This theme has the drag and dropdown page builder, a huge design options, full-screen slider where you can create the call to actions and a lot more. You can charm your potential customers.



This theme is a namesake and no wonder this is one of the best theme s available in the WordPress library especially when you are trying to get the best theme for your restaurant website. It stands out for the primary concerns when you are building your own website without much expert help. It is worth mentioning that this theme offers two different demo layouts to choose from. You can make the initial changes in the demo to match your choices.



There are numerous people making websites and to stand out from the rest in this competitive digital market, you have to create something that is unique. Belise is the best solution provider. This works amazingly. It is so simple that your products and food menu are bound to be visible to your visitors. It is highly customizable and minimalistic in appearance. It has an excellent user experience so that you can create your own menu card as per your requirement.



If you are looking for a modern approach to your website this can be the best theme. There is plenty of demo content that can be placed on the website and you can easily make the most of the website without paying much heed to the content of it. You can simply tweak them and get the unique setup of your own.

Unlike the walk-in customers, getting visitors for an online store can be tough and you will have to get the right theme to create a website. WordPress has a wonderful ocean of library filled with amazing and appealing themes. Therefore, if you are looking for the theme that will not need much of coding yet a theme that indexes well and is scalable for the EO purpose, WordPress is the CMS platform you should rely on. All the themes are responsive and have best in the world look and feel.

CGS Themes

CGS Themes

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