Improve your blogging experience with Markdown

If you are a WordPress user, you must be acquainted with the team Markdown. Well, if you are wondering what Markdown is, this is the place where your queries can be answered. Today, we will discuss Markdown and how it can improve your blogging experience.

You will get to know everything that you need to know about Markdown.

What is Markdown?

Well, it is a markup language, which uses simple and modest syntax for formatting. It uses easy punctuation for formatting. In fact, it is used to write on the web. Usually, web pages are written using HTML, where heavy syntax is used for formatting. This markup language will do exactly the same formatting but in a simplified way. The main aim of the Markdown syntax is to make the text as readable as possible. Well, Markdown is not a substitute, but simply a subset of HTML.

Is Markdown a better choice?

Here are few of the main reasons to use Markdown:

1. Your formatting will not get spoiled

When you are formatting something in the word processor, then placing it in the web application, the entire format often gets ruined. When you are using Markdown, the format surprising remains the same.

2. Easier and faster to type & format

All that you want to write can be handled with the help of a keyboard. Therefore, you will not have to use a mouse each time you are trying to format.

3. Readability

This is one of the most important factors that were considered while making Markdown. Markdown makes the task of the editors easier because editing an article written on HTML can be really time taking. The content somehow gets hidden behind the HTML codes making the work of the editor lengthier.

4. Easier to write

With Markdown, it is like writing a plain text. Therefore, it is much easier to write on Markdown.

How to begin with Markdown in WordPress?

Everyone is well aware that WordPress is one of the best CMS platforms for amateur and experienced writers in order to become a professional blogger. Well, it is important to know that WordPress doesn’t give default permission to the Markdown; however, it does allow its users to add the plugins by installing them. Every plugin manages Markdown by its own rules; therefore, you will have to maintain the features as per your requirement and workflow.

You can get the Markdown cheat sheet, which contains all the tags of formatting that were used while the Markdown system was written. Understanding Markdown and getting used to it can take some time. Nonetheless, once you are familiar with all the formatting tags you will easily be able to get the formatting done. The initial learning can be tedious, but you can become a pro very easily as the formatting tags are not that tough. You will then understand that Markdown not only boosts the content generating procedure but also improves the blogging experience of the writers.

It is noteworthy that all the plugins that go well the Markdown holds the same set of functionalities. Irrespective of which responsive WordPress theme you are using, you will have to add one of the following plugins to make markdown work efficiently. Here are few of popular plugins that goes well with Markdown:



You can start off with the free version; however, there are many other versions that are available like, personal, premium and professional. Where personal costs $3.06 monthly or $30.62 yearly, Premium costs you $6.43 monthly or $64.29 yearly, and finally Professional will cost $14.70 monthly or $140.83 yearly. This is one of the best plugins that work well with Markdown in WordPress. It provides additional features like the code blocks and tables.



It supports Markdown in WordPress and also offers a live view of the posts while you are writing them down. Therefore, you can have a clear view of what is happening with the text you are writing and whether it is exceeding the limits or making your website look odd. This plugin gives you a choice where you can either use it for free or buy the premium version at $10. With this plugin, you will be able to easily concentrate as it provides everything in one place.

Along with supporting Markdown, it allows gives a live view of the post while you’re still writing it. This plugin gives a choice between free and $10 premium version. Prettypress creates a good writing platform for the writers and everything is in one single place.

Markdown is very easy to start with. The tag that is used to write Markdown is very simple and therefore, this is the language that has been offering maximum possibilities when it comes to getting the best quality deals. If you own a WordPress site and planning to write a blog, writing it in HTML can be really tedious, therefore, it is better to install Markdown along with the plugin that supports it. Walla! You are all set to start working with Markdown.

Moreover, if you are using the best responsive WP theme to set your website up, Markdown can be the best language to take the blogger experience to a better level. No wonder, Markdown is the best-featured markup language that can get you a better blogging experience. It is important to make sure that you get the best quality deals when it comes to choosing the writing language for WordPress and when it is Markdown, you will not have to bother about the coding in between your write-up.

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