Know The Elite 6 Mobile Responsive Free WordPress Themes Of 2019

With the growing popularity and the need for business websites, it has become a convenient option on both sides of the coin. Having a business website presents the core values, services, and products offered by the company to its targeted audience. With the increasing popularity of ordering and acquiring services online, smartphones have been playing a major role in everyday’s lives. Whether it is a startup or a developing business, the key role to garner the attention of the audience and potential consumers is through the development and user-friendly design of a professional mobile-friendly website.

This could come into existence through the incorporation of the innumerable themes offered by WordPress. In the course of recent years, WordPress’ success has reached a new pinnacle. Offering myriad of themes for any domain has fetched them gain visibility, success and high popularity on a global level. There are free WordPress themes for which you will not have to pay for a single penny and then there are premium ones which offer you with greater advantages and beneficiaries post the purchase of the theme suiting the domain.

Free WP themes come to an added advantage especially for the startups, entrepreneurs, as well as developing businesses who are on a tight budget. Here is a list of some of the best free WP themes suiting to 6 different domain.


Brief Intro

A carpenter is a multi-tasker. There is a different niche of work for carpenters which includes insulating office buildings, building home cabinets, construction of building frameworks (doors, windows, and molding), inspection of the damaged framework and fixing of the same. There are different sort of tools and techniques required for the fixing, repairing and building a new framework.

free carpentry website theme

Why does a carpenter need a website?

  • Whether you are a single handed person or have just commenced with the venture of carpentry business, to survive in this huge competition, it is highly important to get your hands on a perfect theme. As mentioned above there are too many things that a carpenter does. Being a startup, it does get difficult in the management of the team as well as finding the other aspects for the growth and proper functioning of the business in the first place.
  • Having a free carpenter WordPress theme becomes a blessing in disguise. In the carpentry industry, there are different types of carpenters which include residential, commercial and industrial carpenters. If you are setting up such a business, you need to have a proper plan and conduct all the legal proceedings, documentation as well as have a strong team, to begin with.
  • A free WP theme will help in meeting your budget. This is so because you will not have to purchase the premium ones for building a high-profile outlook of your business when you have just started the journey of your business. The main formula is to make your business site look professional and attain the attention of the targeted audience through your professional site and marketing techniques.
  • A website will let people know about the packages, charges, services offered on behalf of the company. Whereas at the end of the customer, they will be able to set the timings, materials and labour required for conducting the work.
  • Having a professional website for your startup will help to gain potential consumers near you. This could be easily done by making people believe and trust about your brand, through the implementation of a company logo, contact information and services offered.
  • Detailed information and all the different related images will also help in gaining the attention of your customers. A website will help in the local citation building, where your business will get higher local rankings, visibility as well as targeted traffic.
  • Interpretation of testimonials or client reviews add as a bonus to let people as well as your previous customers getting back to you. You can even create your own portfolio if you are a single-handed person. A professional approach will always help to gain recognition and fetch potential conversions.
  • Building a website, makes marketing efforts easier, you can promote your business on social media, create organic backlinks, implement long tail keywords so that people will be able to find on their search results, start with some interesting blogs to keep your viewers be connected to you and bore you great profit in the course of time.



Brief Intro

Everybody needs a pharmacy to purchase their prescribed medicines. It is mainly the role of the pharmacists to looking into the prescription and provide the patients with the proper medications. Not only this, but pharmacists also play the role of checking the health screening, provide immunization and provide proper advice for a healthy life.

Free Pharmacy Website Template

Why does a pharmaceutical business need a website?

  • As everything has become mobile-friendly, people are more attracted to the concept of looking forward to the right choice rather than hunting from one place to another. When it comes to purchasing any medicine or any other medication, the first thing in most of the cases is prescription. The availability of the medicines is another thing to keep the customers coming back to you.
  • When you are new to the industry, the first thing that you need to conduct is to let the people near you know about your pharmacy. One of the best ways is through offline marketing and another is through a professional website. It is your website that will perform the work for you.
  • To keep getting traffic and customers to your online pharmacy or might be the store, your website should be user-friendly so that people will get directly get engaged to it within seconds. For that, you need an apt design suiting to your domain. Selecting a free theme during the initial phase is going to highly productive for your business.
  • The reason behind this is that people need to trust their brand. And for that, you need to have a professional web presence, contact information, and local listings so that people near you are well aware of the pharmacy. Regardless of the domain of pharmacy you hold, it is important to showcase the things that you provide.
  • In the website, if you put some related images or explainer videos, it becomes easier for the audience to connect to you. Videos and images serve a way better source of communication to fetch more audience and potential conversions.
  • It is your business that is available 24*7 when you have a proper website. Create a basic website to get visible to your audience. There is an implementation of many features that you can conduct. As you are new to the business, head for something that suits your budget and will meet your basic needs.
  • Having a free pharmacy WordPress theme, give you the option for a customized setting where you can hold online chat facilities, provide the services that you offer as a pharmacy, implement your company logo and also include testimonials that will upgrade the outlook of your website.
  • When you have a professional website for your pharmacy, promotion, and marketing online becomes easier. The first thing is there will be higher local search rankings, use long tail keywords, promoting over the social platforms and so many other marketing techniques to gather the recognition at the initial stage.



Brief Intro

It might sound surprising, but there are websites for a wedding. Easier and personalized information about all the functions that are going to be held. A wedding is literally the most important day in everyone’s lives. Now, you will not have to attend each and every person in person to let them know about the functions, dress code and other things about your wedding.

Free Wedding Website Template

Why do you need a wedding website?

  • As mentioned before, the wedding is arguably the most important day for everyone, in the same way, all the things planned and thought should meet its place and requirement. The only way to get this done hassle free is through a proper user-friendly.
  • A wedding website will have a section for the guest where they will be able to know about the location, timing, number of functions to be held and also dress code details. Sending an invitation becomes easier through the website link.
  • There are can e-cards which could be forward for invites rather than spending on cards. Finding information and conducting arrangement becomes easier. It is all about the prime importance of information shared for the wedding.
  • It is the website that will work as the best option where the bride, groom, their families as well as the guest will be able to post stories, information as well as pictures. The bride and groom will be able to share the happy pictures.
  • To make it all the way more alluring, one can write the story of how the two people met and how the wedding planning came into consideration. While having a wedding website, you will be able to focus more on your wedding decorations, shopping, and other important things. All you get to do is keep updating the website and be in touch with your friends and families at the same time.
  • After the wedding and during the reception, you can post pictures as well as videos. Free wedding WordPress theme is available to make a customized setting that will blend perfectly with your wedding theme.


Wedding Planner

Brief Intro

People are looking forward to making their big day, the best and should look right out of a fairytale. Rather than hunting for things and looking for various things all at the same time, it is the wedding planner that does the work. Through collaboration with a wedding planner, everything sits on the budget, tracks the time, and most importantly has become stress-free.

free wedding planner website template

Why do you need a wedding planner website?

  • If you are new to the wedding or event planning industry, you should probably know that getting in touch with potential clients is not a piece of cake. You need to get in touch through various sources where people will be understanding and associating with your skill and business.
  • Having a website makes things easier. It is the website that will do the talk for you. A wedding planner website should not only look professional at the same time, but it should also look highly intriguing for gaining the attention of the viewers in the first place.
  • It is your website that will offer the full information about your business, starting from contact information, setting up a face to face meeting with the professionals in selecting the packages. Through images, videos in the gallery section, it will make people believe in your brand.
  • The way you showcase your idea and work is the way that will fetch the attention of the potential clients. The focal point of creating a website is to keep the traffic engaged and this could be done through different contents, videos, designs to allure them.
  • A professional wedding planner should have testimonials and other services to offer to make the customer believe that the returns are going to be higher than the investment. Marketing and promotion of your website, built with the free wedding planner WordPress theme, become easier through digital marketing techniques as well as social media marketing where not only you are getting to build your brand but also get in touch with a large number of audience.


Yoga Studio

Brief Intro

Yoga is a form of exercise that provides flexibility, rejuvenation, and relaxation to the mind, body, and muscles. It is the all in one solution who are inclined more towards these aspects. And to conduct the same, you need a certified yoga instructor who will be able to provide you with proper sessions where one could feel the results are worth it.

free yoga studio website template

Why do you need a website for a yoga studio?

  • It is the yoga website that will serve as a huge advantage for your domain. Whether you are the single instructor or have certified instructors to run yoga sessions, this has to be known to the people near you. The best way to reach an ample number of audience is through a professional website.
  • When people are looking forward to finding the right way for leading a healthy lifestyle and attending yoga sessions, the first thing they will do is Google it. And that is when having a website comes as a blessing. It is the website that will help in building your credibility.
  • As you build your website, you will be able to get in touch with other yoga instructors. That works as networking. More exposure to people as well as growth in your business. A professional looking website does the work with certain methods for marketing and promotions.
  • It is important to build stronger relationships. It could be done through live chat options or incorporating all the contact information, location and sessions available in a week or days. Through the website, built with the free yoga studio WordPress theme, you can make email list to garner new customers and gain more students.
  • It is your website that will speak on behalf of you. Your website is available all the time and any period of time. People will be able to connect with you through the information provided.


Travel Agency

Brief Intro

A travel agency is a business that offers packages and plans for traveling to different places understanding traveler’s requirement and needs. Travel agencies provide best of the services to garner the attention of the potential customers for conversion and higher profitability.

free travel agency website template

Why do you need a website for a travel agency?

  • Your agency might not be open 24*7 but your website will be. It is your website that will represent your business. A travel agency website, built with the free travel agency WordPress theme, will help to garner the attention of the audience through the alluring website.
  • It is your website that will present the packages, destination, weekend tours, and special offers. The services and packages offered by your business will gain the attention of the targeted audience. When people Google with targeted keywords, your website will be visible too.
  • A blog section on your website with unique content related to different destinations and places to discover will help people to know more about different places around the globe. Contact information and other important sources of information will help the targeted audience to directly get in touch with you.
  • Having a proper company logo, explainer video and images in the gallery section will attain the attention of viewers. That will further help in the credibility of your site.


Final Words –

If you are a startup, new entrepreneur, or developing business, you need to find something that suits your budget. There are many free WP themes that are for free suiting to your domain. Seeking for the best company that offers the best theme with features will help in the proper web presence of your business.

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