Privacy and GDPR

What is GDPR?

GDPR remains for General Data Protection Regulation and is expected to fortify and bind together information insurance for all people inside the European Union. Its essential point is to give control back to the EU occupants over their own information.

GDPR has been enforced from 25th May, 2018. GDPR provides the new protection rights which makes sures better access to your personal data.

Right to access: We dont spam your data which we collect it. We collect data belonging to its customers/user/ prospects for business related purpose

Right to object: We send monthly newsletters to our customers/clients, if you are not interested then you can opt out from the same.

Right to Portability: We can export all your data and can give it to you for transfer to any third party, if requested by you.

Right to rectification: You are eligible to rectify your personal information from your account settings at any point of time.

Below the points stating what we generally store in our database and what we don’t:

Personal Data: We ask and store the name, email address and phone number of our clients those who are willing to purchase any of our themes.

Processing of Personal Data: We do not transfer or disclose any personal data to the third party. We generally send monthly newsletters to your registered email address.

Card Details: Your Credit card information is not stored with us. The payment is directly processed through Paypal which is quite secured and used by merchants across the planet.

Cookie: Cookie is a small file which is stored on a user’s computer which is designed to hold a modest amount of data, specific to a particular client and website, and can be accessed either by the web server or the client’s PC.

The personal data which a user provides can only be disclosed in the below cases:

If the user authorizes and provides confirmation that the owner has personally authorized to disclose the personal data. In line with lawfully equipped, endless supply of a court arrange or inside the setting of a lawful debate.

Cookies required to navigate the website

The below mentioned cookies are required to operate CGS themes properly. These cookies allow the website’s main features to be used. Users won’t be able to access the website normally without these cookies:

Functional cookies: It stores the user’s customized data securely.

Analytical cookies: This cookies helps in monitoring the user’s behaviour on the website.

Share button cookies: It helps users to share contents on third party social networks via social media sharing buttons.

Cookie management: Any user can accept or decline cookies, or can decline all cookies by adjusting in their browser settings. But in this case, the access to some of the website’s pages will be restricted.

It depends on the navigator which the user possess, cookies can be blocked as follows:

Internet Explorer

1. Click on the Tools button, at that point on Internet Options.
2. On the General tab, under Navigation History, tap on Settings.
3. Click on the Display Files button.


1. Click on the Navigation Tools symbol and select the Options menu.
2. In the window that opens, select Private Life and tap on Display Cookies.
3. Select the cookies you might want to block and click on Remove.


1. Click on the Edit symbol and select the Preferences menu.
2. Click on Security and afterward Display Cookies.
3. Select the cookies you might want to block and click on Remove.

Google Chrome

1. Click on the Tools symbol, select the Options menu and then select Advanced.
2. Options tab to get to the Privacy area.
3. Click on the Display Cookies button.
4. Select the cookies you might want to block and click on Remove.

Cookie retention period

For a maximum period of 12 months, the cookies will be held on the user’s device with due consent of the user and from the date of consent. Once this duration gets over, the consent will be required again.


If you have any queries related to the security of our website please drop an email to help@cgsthemes.com

Amendments to the Confidentiality Policy

CGS Themes maintains whatever authority is needed to correct this Confidentiality Policy to agree to any progressions to the laws and controls in compel. In case if there is any amendments, it will be conveyed via our website or by email, as far as possible, at least thirty days before they come into force.

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