Selecting Managed WordPress Hosting Over Shared Hosting

Hosting is the most important part of online businesses. It is mandatory to make sure that you are opting for the right option that will ideally suit your needs. Opt for such a hosting service that will be providing you with the secure and fast website giving a proper user experience. The hosting plan that you choose is completely dependent and will highly influence the earning of the website. In this article, you will be able to garner the knowledge upon the comparison of shares and managed WordPress hosting. The terms might be known to you but the main difference between them will be shared in this article.

Managed WordPress Hosting Over Shared Hosting


Shared Hosting
Shared hosting is known to be the cheapest source of receiving a service for hosting a website. It garners all the required needs of most of the websites at an economical rate, even if they are run on WordPress or not.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting serves the specific market. It provides for top-notch, optimized services only for WordPress sites. Along with it, they offer a high range of advanced services. So, technically speaking, managed WordPress hosting gain more thumbs up in all other ways.

What is the issue with shared hosting?

  • There are numerous issues that might turn up if you opt for shared hosting services. Though the service is budget friendly, they lead to bad neighbour effect. The reason behind this being, many people get into the same server.
  • It is that server which shares numerous accounts. If for suppose, one website is facing any issue or trouble, all the other websites on the same server might face the same issue. Like too many cooks spoil the broth, in the same way this is the issue that will occur in your website due to sharing your hosting service with other sites.
  • Along with that memory is not the only factor that is shared on the server. Processing storage, Bandwidth and other things are also shared between the accounts.
  • There are several places where the host will fail to resolve the issue. Most of the diligent companies will be disabling the website that will be making use of too many resources.
  • In short, websites that are taking services for shared hosting are not dependable.

Why should you take up the best-managed WordPress hosting?

By opting for the best managed WordPress hosting, you will be highly secured and will be receiving high-quality service for your WordPress website.

Huge Speed

  • Most of the servers on this are optimized. On this hosting everything is done, from hardware to software, is completely and only compatible for WordPress sites. The server level caching is on the place and will be running on the optimal version.
  • It will be running on PHP, MySQL and Apache. That means the websites running of this hosting will be providing you with impeccable speed and will nearly take 1 to 2 seconds to open up.
  • It is highly important that you provide your consumers for a great user experience. Not only this, taking up this hosting will enhance the ranking on Google due to the speed of the account.

Security Enhancement

  • Though you will be receiving the security on the shared hosting. They will be providing you with all the basic factors required for the securement of the website. But on the other hand, secure WordPress hosting takes up the service to a new and different level of security.
  • Features like increased security protocols, daily malware scans as well as having the potentiality to sweep off any sort of cyber threats are the standardized factors of most of the WordPress managed hosting services.
  • There are things where things go out of the way and you might end up being your website being hacked. In that case, the experts for the concerned hosting will be providing you with the best service and will provide you with the solution for the problem to fix it without any loopholes.

Automated Backups

  • Explanation of daily backups is way beyond words. Most of the best-managed WordPress hosting serves to provide the exemplary service for automated daily backups. Not only this, but you will also be entitled to restore the backups whenever required.
  • There are certain shared hosting platforms that will provide for this feature via cPanel. The main fact behind this is that most of the information is stored on the same server. This means that there are higher chances of the original data getting damaged. And restoration to the previous work is not a piece of cake.
  • On the other hand, managed WordPress hosting provides for the restoration of the data at just one click. You will be receiving all the data at just one click under a few minutes.

Automatic Updates

  • Though this hosting server, your entire web server will be looked after by certified professionals. They will make sure to provide you with the best service without any faults. There are automatic updates that includes operating system on the server to the PHP and MySQL as well as the WordPress itself.
  • That means your website will be up to date at the same time you will be receiving the most secure versions of all the things.
  • Shared hosting to offers the same but there is a twist to it. It will also maintain the server essentials. It will include MySQL, Apache, PHP, control system. But it can never support WordPress.
  • You will be receiving proper service through shared hosting. But it will not provide you with the efficiency that you will be getting through WordPress hosting.

Proper Support

  • Shared hosting will also provide you with a better support. But unlike WordPress, you will not be receiving the best one.
  • Managed WordPress knew which version of the WordPress you are using and the plugins you are running. That will help in providing the best support without any delay and will be quick enough to respond.


There are many other factors that lead to WordPress hosting being the best one rather than the shared hosting. It is not that shared hosting is not good. Of course, it is, but if you are a developing business and want to acquire the profit within numbered days, let managed hosting help you being the catalyst.

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