Top 3 Customized WordPress Themes for Your Fitness Website

“Fitness is not about being better than someone else, it’s about getting better than you used to be” – so the saying goes.

People, these days, are getting attracted to a healthier lifestyle. Apart from following a healthy diet and scheduled routine, people are getting involved in different exercises. Some prefer enrolling themselves in a gym, some opt for yoga while some opt for cardio exercises. Exercise is the core important factor to relieve your body from any sort of stress, at the same time, it will help to fetch you great steadiness, make you fit, healthy and fine.

Whether you are holding a fitness center or being a personal trainer, it has become important for all the domain to hold their own website. Nothing could be better than acquiring your own website.

Why do you need a website for your fitness domain?

Whether you are a personal trainer or having a yoga studio or a personal gym, it is important to have a website these days. If you are wondering why then here is the reason. When someone is curious about something, the first thing that they tend to do is to Google it. Having a website will help in building your credibility. People will be able to garner trust about your interest and will acquire more knowledge on that particular field.

Get in touch with other networks and social media handles. Once you tend to acquire your website, you will be able to connect to many networks who are into the same domain. Not only this, you will be able to share your blogs, posts, new images, and videos to garner popularity and fetch more followers there.

Most of our mobile optimized wordpress themes are SEO friendly. An SEO friendly website will help in gaining the ranking of your website. Implementation of meta tags, description, and long tail keywords will help in local SEO and people will be able to garner more knowledge about you. With membership form or newsletters, you can get in direct touch with your students or the member of the gym and share valuable information with them.

Best Themes For Fitness Domain

Fitness Gym

exercise gym website theme

Why do you need a website for fitness or gym?

  • As influencers and ideas of staying healthy, fit and leading a great lifestyle has been gaining huge popularity and attraction of the people, fitness websites have come to function. This is so because like any other domain, people are also looking forward to selecting the best option when it comes to staying fit and following the right routine.
  • A well designed and fabricated website for your fitness gym will help to gain the attention of the audience as well as let people near you know about your services and facilities. Through a website, there will be loyalty and exposure towards the brand credibility.
  • Having a professional logo and user-friendly site will give the idea to the viewers that they are going to get what they have been looking forward to. The best way to derive leads and gather students to join your gym is through a call to action pages, membership forms and so on.
  • It is your website that is not only going to be live 24*7. The viewers will be able to get in touch with you through the contact information, details and membership forms. Having a website not only builds in driving potential traffic and conversion but also could fetch popularity over social media.
  • Having social media icons in association with the website will help in deriving more traffic and followers. Also, if you are running a blog and sharing some valuable health tips will help in more generation of readers and followers.
  • In the website, you can also share pictures and videos of the workout regime that you conduct, this tends to be highly beneficial as well as share transformation stories to make people believe in your classes as well as fitness habits to great transformation.
  • All of the above-mentioned things are possible with a website built with our fitness wordpress theme.


 Personal Trainer

personal exercise trainer WP theme

Why do you need a website for a personal trainer?

  • When you have a website for personal training, it is your potential customers who will be able to find you anytime and any point of day or night. That means even if you are not working after the business hours, there are higher chances of getting in touch with new consumers. Having a personal training website will provide convenience to the clients to garner knowledge about you.
  • Having a website, built with the personal trainer wordpress theme means there could be higher chances of followers, likes, and shares on the popular social media platforms. You can attach the popular social media icons on your website and this will help in the building of larger traffic as well as loyal followers.
  • Sharing unique and helpful content will let you stay connected with your audience and followers that will further help you in transforming your name and profession into a brand. When you re a personal trainer, there are higher chances that people would Google you.
  • People will not be able to find you unless they search you are over the internet and Google is the best source. This further increases the local search rankings which might even make you be on the top of the search engine page.
  • Blogging, infographics, videos, and email marketing are one of the best sources to get in touch with potential customers and share your knowledge to connect to people as well as valuable networks.
  • Just like the other industries, there is a huge competition in the fitness domain. There have been many personal trainers who have launched their very own website. This further gives you an idea of knowing your competitors and work better to enhance your professional identity.
  • Having a website increases the chances for the branding of your profession. You can easily be able to get in touch with the organic network, have backlinks and other networking options available through online marketing techniques. Another best way to keep the people be glued to the website and turn them into potential consumer is through the sharing of the testimonials. Showcase the transformation journey and new faces to attain the trust of the people.


Yoga Studio

free yoga studio website template

Why do you need a website for a yoga studio?

  • A yoga website, created from the yoga wordpress theme that will serve as a huge advantage. Whether single or running a class with other instructors, a website will help you to fetch potential students for your yoga class. Even if you are not available, it is your website where people will be able to get in touch with you and also garner knowledge about your yoga studio.
  • Sharing the importance of yoga through your website and connected social media platforms will help you in many ways. You will be able to garner a huge number of followers and shares connecting to more followers and potential conversions. At the same time, you will be able to transform your commencement of the online web presence into a professional yoga brand.
  • When people will Google something related to yoga classes, there are higher chances of your website to be on the first page of search engines. Through local citation building, there are options where your yoga classes, contact information and class details would come on Google which would be highly beneficial not only to increase the strength of the class but also fetch potential students.
  • Sharing your knowledge through blogging, sharing posts on social media, video, email marketing, and email marketing to keep connected to your audience at the same time gain more followers. People will be connected to you to garner the source of information that will be highly helpful for them.
  • Having a website means, there are higher chances where you will be able to connect to networks of your domain. That would further help in the sharing of the links, gain followers, visibility, traffic as well as potential conversion for your yoga studio.
  • You can also incorporate testimonials and live chat options where people will be able to connect to you for queries. Share the importance of yoga, let your website do the talking for you. A simple and professional website is bound to garner the attention of the audience with the productive result for your class as well as for the development of your Yoga Studio.



Final Words –

CGS Themes offers you with 24*7 quality Support through email and Skype. Not only this, post the purchase of the theme, you are entitled to receive free installation services along with added benefits. Regardless of the type of domain or business you hold, you can easily get in touch with the experts of CGS Themes for your customized website.


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