Top High-Quality Multi-Purpose Free WordPress Templates of 2019

For those who want to launch their very own website but don’t really want to spend much money on the templates, there are some amazing free premium WordPress themes which would be a great help for them and there is simply no doubt about that fact for sure. This is an era where people want to have functionality with their WordPress themes and proper web presence. Hence the website templates are the best things that they can have for sure. The search engines are always on the lookout for themes that are proper and functional. Hence, if you want to have proper traffic for your website, then this is the only thing that is going to be a great help to you for sure.

If you want to avoid any further troubles within your website, then this is something that you definitely need to take care of for sure. Well, these are some of the important WP themes that we have in store for you. Make sure that you find out the ones that would best suit your taste and the design of the website that you are looking for.

1. Photography

photography wordpress theme

For those who want to have a free and user-friendly website for their Photography shops, studios, fashion industry, magazines, and so much more, this is the one theme that is going to be a great help to them for sure. The design of the website is perfectly clean and very user-friendly for sure. The features of the photography wordpress themes include banners, sliders, gallery sections, and SEO friendliness. There is also a drag and drop page builder to make the job of building the website easier. The free photography wordpress themes amazing features that the people can utilize for sure.


2. Juice Shop

juice wordpress themes

The Juice Shop template from CGS Themes can be used for juice shops, online orders, health agencies, and others. The juice wordpress themes is clean and has a very effective design for sure. The layout is also pretty simple. All the pages are lined correctly and there are different sections to post details about the juice recipes to the people. The features included in the template are WooCommerce compatibility, SMO friendliness, page layouts, sidebars, banners and so much more. If you have budget constraints, then there is also a free juice shop wordpress theme to meet your requirements.


3. Restaurant

restaurant lite wordpress theme

Want to make sure that your restaurant business is well known all over the world? Well, in that case, make sure that you check out the restaurant responsive wordpress themes that CGS Themes has in store for you. This theme is often used for restaurants, hotel chains, catering businesses, online deliveries, and other industries. This is a template that will create your website in the most effective and simple way. There are flexible features such as NextGen gallery, sliders, color changes, and WooCommerce compatibility which make the website template and easy to build option for the people. The fantastic combination of the features and plugins would definitely make the website amazing.


4. Accountant

wordpress accountant themes

The wordpress accountant themes is definitely gaining a lot of popularity these days. So, this template is often in use for the accountancy firms, tax agencies, financial businesses, legal firms, and a lot of others. There are different features such as multilingual plugins, drag/drop page builder, sidebar layouts and no matter what you choose, there is a guarantee that your website will be a flexible and responsive one for sure. The coding plugins and other tools in this theme will make it very easy for you to build your own website.


5. Travel Blog

travel blog wordpress themes

CGS Themes brings to you the wordpress themes for travel blog which is very popular and user-friendly and can be used for building websites for travel agencies, travel bloggers, content writers, and bloggers. Build your website with this theme and make use of all the interesting features such as WooCommerce compatibility, NextGen Gallery, color pickers and other plugins. Travel photos and other banner options are the ones that would make your website a popular one for sure. The website design is pretty simple and there is no doubt about the fact that the online presence is something that very important for the people.


6. News

wordpress sports news theme

There are many people who are on the lookout for the latest news and related stuff so this is the news wordpress theme that is going to be a great help to the people out there. This versatile theme is free of cost and there is no doubt about the fact that it can be used for news sites, technology news, information channels, and other industries. This website template is adaptive and pliable enough to adjust completely to the regulations and needs of the business that you have. The features include customizers, archives, relevant search options, dynamic sidebars.


7. Architecture

wordpress architecture theme

Most of the people these days are looking for proper services of Architecture. Hence, it is important to make sure that your website provides all the services that are important for the people out there. So, this architecture firm wordpress themes is something that will be a great help for sure. You will be able to promote the important work that you have done and there is no doubt that the website is pretty simple and provides an amazing experience to the people who are in the need for it. The features include SEO friendliness, plugins, modules, and customizer options. If you would want to try out a free version of this template, then there is also a free architecture wordpress theme available as well.


8. Business Consultant

wordpress themes for business consultants

The business consultant wordpress theme from CGS Themes is another one of the free responsive wordpress themes which can be used for different business-related industries and financial institutions. The essential features that you find in the template are layout options, sidebars, archives, search bars and so much more. There are different sections available for highlighting the different features of the template and the user would have a fantastic experience with the template for sure. Those who want to make sure that their business advice reaches the people out there, this website template is going to be a great help for sure.


9. Law Firm

law firm wordpress themes

People these days are looking forward to having some of the services that will be able to help them with all the legal difficulties in their lives. Hence, having the wordpress law firm theme is something that is going to be a great help for the law firm website, consultancy services, or legal business that you have. With the help of the website builder tools and plugins such as Visual Composer, layout options, modules, and search bar, you will be able to easily make sure that the website building process is efficient and easy. Make use of the best tools and features that are available with the template and provide an amazing experience to the people who are on the lookout for it.


10. Fashion

fashion wordpress theme

The fashion wordpress themes from CGS Themes is also another one of the best options for the free professional wordpress themes which can be used for the fashion boutiques, shops, malls, fashion brands, and other industries. Well, with the help of the refreshing design and the easy to use features such as default sidebar, color picker, archives, and SEO-compatibility, there is no doubt that you will be able to have a great website for sure. There is also a free fashion wordpress theme available at as well.


11. Car Rental

wordpress themes for car rentals

You will get the gist of the website template from the name itself. The best car rental wordpress themes can be used for driving schools, car showrooms, car dealers, car rentals, automotive services, transportation businesses, etc. The creative design of the website is another one of the bonus points for the users out here. There are features such as a pre-defined homepage, Page Builder, slider module, multilingual translation and a few more.


12. Wedding Planner

wordpress website wedding planner

One of the best free professional wordpress templates from CGS Themes is the amazing wordpress wedding planner themes. The amazing theme is suitable for event management agencies, wedding planners, reception planning agencies, and other wedding-related businesses. The designs are user-friendly and the layout is pretty refreshing for sure. The amazing website can be operated in mobile devices such as Windows, iOS, Android. There is also a free wordpress themes for event planners available as well.


13. Day Care

free wordpress day care template

The daycare wordpress themes is another famous template from CGS Themes which can be used for the kid’s schools, Montessori schools, kindergarten, nurseries, daycares, etc. The website template has features such as RTL compatibility, page builder, customizers and so much more. The kid-friendly and adorable design is something that can be considered as a plus point for the website. In case of budget constraints, you may also try out the free daycare wordpress theme as well.


14. Cosmetics Shop

cosmetic wordpress themes

When you are on the lookout for a particular theme that will be able to make your online cosmetic shops, beauty shops, parlors, and cosmetics boutiques a success, then this is the one choice that you need to go for. The beautiful design of the wordpress cosmetics themes is the only reason why people will be attracted to the website in the first place. With the help of the interesting features such as page builder, animation control, pause time effects, and plugins out there, the job of creating the website will definitely be an easy one for the people out there.


15. SaaS Company

saas wordpress

For the people who are looking forward to creating a proper website in order to provide Software as a Service, then wordpress saas themes is the only website template which will be a great help to them. The theme is properly designed keeping in mind all the important SEO-friendly features such as WooCommerce compatibility and HTML coding. There is no doubt that it is one of the best solutions for people. The design of the website is pretty simple and easy and hence, there is no trouble in design as well. If you want to try out a free version, then there is also a free saas wordpress theme available as well.


16. Coffee House

coffee shop wordpress theme

If you want to make a website for the coffee houses, restaurants, local food joints, online deliveries, this website template is going to be the right choice for sure. The banner on the front page in the coffee shop wordpress theme is welcoming and the design is pretty pleasing to look at as well. With the help of the website building features such as contact forms, color pickers, blog templates, and plugins, you can easily create a website that is easy to use and has all the important sections that the people might need to have. The modern design will be a show stealer for sure.


17. Technology News

wordpress technology themes

The website related to technology news is something that is going to be a great help for the news channels, technological channels, and other industries. These websites are the ones that help people in gathering the news that they want to know about. Who wouldn’t want to keep track on the latest technological trends right? Well, this is the website that is going to be a great help for sure. There are different features in the wordpress technology themes such as call-to-actions, color pickers, custom page builder, and blog templates.


18. Fitness Gym

fitness trainer wordpress themes

Health and fitness are two of the most important factors in the lives of people. So, for those who are looking for a particular template that would help gym businesses, healthcare centers, fitness centers, sports clubs, and fitness clubs, this website template would be the right choice. There are different elements such as dynamic sidebars, search options, archives, page and page layouts that are provided in the fitness website templates wordpress along with all the essential tools that people might need. If you may also download from the free fitness wordpress theme as well.


19. Interior Design

interior design wordpress themes

Interior design and decoration businesses are experiencing a growth in the present time and that is why it is a very good idea for the interior decoration companies to create their own website. For those who want to create a flexible and responsive website which has all the essential features such as shortcodes, page builders, and layouts that are required, then this is the only thing that is going to be a great help for sure. There are amazing features in the interior design wordpress theme to choose from.


20. Author

wordpress themes for book authors

The premium wordpress themes for authors from CGS Themes is a theme which can help in building websites for authors, libraries, educational institutions, and others. Choose interesting features and building tools such as archives, search options, page builders, and so much more in order to create your Author website in the easiest way possible. Also, the design of the website is very user-friendly and there is no doubt that you will have traffic that reliable and responsive as well. There is also a free author wordpress theme available as well.


These are some of the best wordpress paid themes & free ones as well. Choose the ones that you find appealing for your website.

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