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    Firstly, we would like to thank you for purchasing a theme for us and showing your interest in our website and CGS WordPress themes.

    Below there are few rules which will help to manage expectations from your side (client side):

    1. Saturdays and Sundays are a week off. Hence we don’t work on week off’s. Although, if anything is urgent we will definitely get in touch with you.

    2. Also, we are not paid or are getting paid by your clients. So kindly don’t post via email or on this forum mentioning that I have to submit website tomorrow and it’s urgent and do this for us. We are not the ones who are accountable and supposed to be getting involved in all this. You will be able to show the work in progress to your client until we respond.

    3. Generally, all our themes are bug free, however, some people relate custom requirements of theirs to bugs. Things like removing search box, placing it somewhere else, or having various button formats, solving CSS issues relating to the use of a plugin, are all custom requirements and not indicates as bugs into our themes. Hence, provide the access to your website for these kinds of requests.

    4. There are users who are unaware of how to install themes, we help them in installing the themes, however, for this, we need the access to your website. We never save the confidential information nor are spammers or hackers to cause a problem with your website. If you wish you can change your passwords later on once we are done with helping you. So still if you are reluctant to provide the access of the site will result in replying back to you from our end that we are unable to help you and can only provide you instructions via email or otherwise. That’s the utmost thing we can do.

    5. Making use of fancy galleries, third-party plugins of security, fancy jquery sliders etc can cause conflicts in any CGS WordPress theme with functionality and not just our themes. Hence we would like to request to use the ones which are popular and are known to cause lesser conflicts. If you want we will help you in solving most of the issues, but we can’t guarantee because there are more than 100,000 plugins and which one may cause what kind of error or conflict is unknown and no theme provider on this planet can provide a theme which will work with each of the plugins.

    6. During installation, if you receive any error of the theme then do send us the access, as you might be doing it wrong and we will install the theme FREE of cost for you on your server.

    7. Last but not the least, we do acknowledge the fact that the above rules might seem not up to par for some people. But trust us we do want to repeat our long-time customers. We would be glad if you keep on purchasing our themes for your website so we go ahead and do 99% of the requests we receive.

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