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Why Paid WordPress Themes Are Better Than Free WordPress Themes When It Comes To Quality Websites

In the recent course of years, WordPress themes (both free & paid) have been reaching a new pinnacle to success ladder. Being the best user-friendly option with dynamic features and support, it has made them a good pathway for different businesses, firms, agencies and other domain for an enlightened online web presence. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, there are different variations of WP themes that are bound to suit your business requirement.

Most of the startups or the beginners are at a mess whether to opt for premium themes or free website themes for WordPress. There are both advantages and disadvantages in both the variations. But if are looking forward to building a quality website along with customization facilities and stand out from the rest of the crowd, to be on the top of the competition, premium themes will be a blessing in disguise.

Let’s first delve into the advantages of seeking free WP themes –


That is why it is known as free WP themes. You will not have to pay for a single penny to acquire the theme for your website. There are no charges taken into account if you tend to use the theme further. It is available for all.

Strict Review Process

The free WP theme undergoes through a quality standard procedure. All the themes found in official website WordPress directory that undergo through strict review procedure. The professionals are there to examine each and every theme before implementing it into the directory. All the themes go through the testing of standard compliance code.

Why are these themes for free?

Well, the main reason is that professional designers are constantly updating themselves with their skill set. The theme developers enhance their skills by undergoing through the review and audit process which helps them in improving the design or structure, coding of the theme uploaded. Not only this, it makes it easier for them to present their theme to a large number of users to garner their feedback and work on the same. But in the meanwhile, there are disadvantages when it comes to the building of quality websites in making with free themes.

Here’s How –

When you tend to download a free WP theme for your website, you are not entitled to receive that quality support which you are sure to get in a premium theme. The professional experts are there to provide you with the Support only through the public forum but are not always availed to support your queries.

As it is a free theme, it can be used on various platforms and for a different domain. So the structure becomes all the way more common. There are very limited options for the customization of the features or outlook of the website when it comes to free wp themes.

Also, in free themes, you will not be able to acquire any extra facility or features.

Customization of the site gets limited as you will not be able to acquire many of the important features like using shortcodes, create landing pages and so on.

How Paid themes are worth the user for quality websites?

Rather than hunting for technical facilities and knowledge on fixing of problems for your WP themes, why not get proper support through experts through premium or paid WP themes. It is rather a well-built decision of attainment of paid themes and focuses on the marketing techniques and unique content to garner the attention of potential consumers and transforming your online business into a global brand name.

Here is how –

Offers Top-Notch Support and Automatic Updates

WordPress keeps on updating itself with the technology every now and then. And hence, you are entitled to receive the automatic updates almost every month. This is to make sure that your theme is compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

When you are in association with a certified company like CGS Themes, it is the due responsibility of the framework of the firm to present you with the update and the new version that is compatible with the theme. Not only this, you will be offered with quality support service in the form of Email as well as Skype. The professionals are there to understand your queries and provide you with premium support whenever in need.

Compatible With SEO

WP Themes makes way to play a vital role in the SEO techniques of your website. You will not be able to find much SEO friendly theme in free WP themes. Whereas on the other hand, paid themes are completely SEO friendly as well as SMO friendly.

When the theme is SEO friendly, it becomes easier for the businesses to implement the right marketing techniques for the online recognition, visibility and boosting of higher ranking on popular search engines. Apart from this, there are compatible plugins and features that will help in faster downloading of the site without any glitches.


Paid themes offer you great features, support, and service. In order to be unique, there is a need for the implementation of stunning features that are curated only for your website. There are companies that offer dynamic features and user-friendly web integration. There will be features where you will be able to implement shortcodes, make use of Page Builder and will have many customization features where you will be able to design your website, your way.

Safe and Secure

Companies like CGS Themes have the certified professionals who make sure to offer you with top-class features, service, and updates for your theme. Not only this, there are options to make your theme safe and highly secured for the proper functioning and no spammy records. There are also implemented of Google XML that will help in web crawlers which seems to be a beneficial pathway for the online web presence of your business.

Free vs Premium WordPress Themes

Final Words –

If you are still unable to decide, it is always better to seek the help of the professionals. CGS Themes offers you with proper consultation and premium service and support when it comes to fetching the best for your business. The professionals are there to understand the requirement and also help in presenting you with a customized WP theme exclusively for your business.

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